Eddie Izzard photographed by Marius W Hansen

well i finished at 2 am and i’m running on about 4 hrs of sleep but now i feel really alert so let’s see how long it lasts


"In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit."

J.R.R. Tolkien

okay okay logging out again i haveeee to get this done i’ll pull an all nighter if need be aaaaaaaaaaaaaahg

debating including this in my passage about reagan’s election…

"It also put Reagan in a position to be practically worshipped as a demigod by white conservative southerners in later years."

wow so today was interesting school was kinda rough bc tests and essays and stuff but then i got to go to see captain america again but this time in 3d with my grandparents!!! and then i got home 8ish and i’ve been working on this massive chart since then and now i’m taking a quick tumblr break wheeeeeee

I’m gonna be messed up.. aren’t I?


like some kinda shitty humanstuck yearbook

in case anyone wanted the full set

» psychic driving is unethical