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Broken Elven bridge at the Enchanted River in Mirkwood.
I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. I want to get more confident being uncertain. I don’t want to shrink back just because something isn’t easy. I want to push back, and make more room in the area between I can’t and I can.
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wow my law ed class has zero empathy or tolerance or basic respect for fellow human beings

AU where the "Among the Sleep" baby is actually baby Eddie


I guess this AU means A SUPER RIDICULOUS LONG POST [with more of the violent shit underneath the cut; don’t take this as me defending Eddie or excusing Eddie… but given an “Among the Sleep” background… this might be how his life would’ve turned out???]

  • "I’d never hurt our babies" is substance abuse / alcoholism & vowing never to physically abuse "our children" … like his mother did to him… he would never be that cruel; "I would never place anything else before our children; not a thing - you have my word"
  • Baby Eddie saw his mother oscillate between trusting & loving mother figure to terrifying & threatening monster, & saw how easily she could switch between the 2 in a matter of moments
  • Baby Eddie heard his mother guilt him into thinking it was his fault she had to drink; he normalized guilt-tripping, undermining, & manipulation as traits to carry into adulthood, but @ the same time swore not to use those with his “babies”
  • Baby Eddie grew up & harbored an intense hatred toward his mother for obviously abusing him, possibly hating his father for not saving him sooner; he hates both of them for leaving him alone
  • Baby Eddie grew up through a divorce & never really knew what “marriage” was; his mother burned the wedding album & she didn’t even wear a ring; it’s like the marriage never even existed; he consumes as much as he can through the media & develops a very twisted & all-too-ideal version of it
  • Baby Eddie grows up to be Adult Eddie, with lots of demons in his head; the nightmares of the black shadow in the trenchcoat & the screaming woman with her well don’t give him any solace
  • Adult Eddie goes the same path he does in the main universe - carrying out his hatred toward a parent on innocent women, but now it’s a lot more personal
  • & because he was robbed of having a happy nuclear family, he strives for it - to have the marriage “his parents never had” & to marry someone just like dear old dad, but better
  • He gives them test runs & timelines - maybe this one won’t be a disappointment
  • He takes them on dates; he tries to smooth talk them - lull them into a false sense of security, just like she did with him; he’s actually very popular with the ladies; he’s actually very charming when he’s not sadistic - they never see it coming
  • But they always disappoint him

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trager in the engine. did he know waylon? also, how did trager know miles was martin's guy?


I don’t think so.  Trager’s been down there I think WAAAY longer than Waylon has been affiliated with the Murkoff corporation.  There have probably been A LOT MORE computer programmers / software engineers / overal tech people besides Waylon.  Maybe some of the Variants you see limping around are what remain of them.

Plus from the wiki there’s this tidbit:

He later got a job in the field of software consulting and at some point, acquired a two week contract deal with Murkoff Corporation at Mount Massive Asylum, with a level three security clearance, where he would maintain the Morphogenic Engine and additional programming, alongside Murkoff’s research and development division.

He hasn’t been there for very long & his stint is probably up very soon - which is why Blaire [& other people] are surprised Park blew the whistle in the first place. HE COULD HAVE LEFT POSSIBLY WITHOUT ANY INCIDENT IF HE KEPT HIS NOSE DOWN.  Park could have been in & out & not witnessed anything.  But I have a feeling that the Murkoff corporation operates a lot like the SCP Foundation.  

Class D personnel are to be given regular mandatory psychiatric evaluations and are to be administered an amnestic of at least Class B strength or terminated at the end of the month at the discretion of on-site security or medical staff. 

Given that Waylon is actually working with the very dream technology - given that he’s actually WRITTEN CODE & SEEN PEOPLE LIKE EDDIE BEG FOR HIM TO HELP - I’m not sure they’d just let him waltz out of there.  Even paying a person off has risks; they probably would have given some amnesia-inducing agent… or maybe STILL would’ve thrown him in there. Given Blaire’s ruthlessness… THEY VERY WELL MIGHT HAVE.

The Trager-Miles question… you could go a few ways.  I CAME UP WITH A TERRIFYING THIRD OPTION I SCARE MYSELF.

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You come with with some pretty fantastic headcanons for Outlast, so I'm really curious about your take on Outlast 2, if they decide to make a sequel. Like, what do you think they'll include in a second game, and what would you like to see?


One of the questions for the Outlast Voice Meme / challenge was your question.  & I answered that.  

But the main thing is: I am in favor of a Murkoff SWAT DLC very much.  & I am in favor of Outlast 2 focusing on all the female Variants in another facility:

  • Like I’m so interested in how fucking scary & un-“female” they look - the male Variants don’t even look like “men” for the most part.  TBH they probably look like the men with their disfigured faces & discolored, shriveling skin.  They’re probably losing a lot of their hair.  Just REALLY DISTURBING CHARACTER DESIGNS THAT AREN’T SEXUALIZING WOMEN JUST FOR THE MALE GAZE.  Ya’ll can have scary female characters & not rely on boob physics.  I have faith.
  • But I want a lot of backstory into why they had to leave.  Your character collecting notes about that process & how facilities used to be with the male & female ward actually being “correctly” used.
  • HELLA DETAILS about what caused all their pregnancies & miscarriages - how the Swarm specifically affects reproductive systems [because me & wutruffbeest have meta’d & have tried to reason, but these are just headcanons & we want the REAL ANSWERS]
  • & BRUH I ESPECIALLY WANT BACKSTORY & EXAMPLES IN-GAME of them being pitted against each other & fighting to the death… female Variant death pits of them after the entire facility has gone to hell - like y’know in the main game there’s the cells & Walker rips a fool’s head off & you’re from above??? Well imagine all these Variants organizing fight matches & that’s how they “manage” each other in the absence of Murkoff agents.  Give me female death matches.
  • Lisa Park being the main protag for Outlast 2, probably because Jeremy Blaire is a douchebag & probably “recommended” her for treatment because of her husband.  Lisa Park kicking ass just like every other protag.
  • Walrider!Miles teaming up with Waylon & protecting him & the family.
  • Walrider!Miles perhaps coming into contact with other hosts from other facilities.  Perhaps giving us insight into how the Swarm REALLY latches into a host.  How lateral ascension really works.  Cuz I wanna say I’m right with all my headcanons but I’m probably not.
  • + this might be interesting to see how the Walrider relates in a female host, because the Walrider is probably gendered “male”????  More info plz, Red Barrels.
  • US SEEING HOW “IN CONTROL” / “CONSCIOUS” MILES IS - cuz again I wanna assume he’s fully in control & the Walrider is completely integrated, but we just don’t know..  But I wanna see him duke it out with other hosts.
  • I’d really like to see the same camera mechanics, but they might change it up???? I have no idea.
  • I have faith in where they’re going to take the sequel, if they decide to.  I have faith it won’t be a cheap lazy make - because the DLC was fantastic & a perfect addition.
  • Any new DLC or sequel will probably be made with the same attention.


As requested, a few more brightened pictures.

happy first day of fall, and happy hobbit day! 🍂