i’m really digging anita van buren

awww undercover mike is so cute


stop making ancient egyptians white its 2014


I got these as the sun was going down and it reminded me of a sunrise

awwh i think ben has a cold in this episode

pros n cons of hannibal lecter


pros: rich, cooks, stable career

cons: no eyebrows, willingly drinks airline champagne, will make u play obscure and difficult baroque instruments in the bedroom 


Please have Hannibal’s micro micro micro smile on your dash

so far i really like cragen’s replacement!!! she’s more hands-on with cases and she’s real sharp



there’s a Thing goin around where bone collectors are taking photos of their collections?
this is most of my skulls, not included in the shot is my squirrel, mink, chipmunks, multiple other deer skulls, rat skulls, red fox, gray fox (the whole skeleton), and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head. those ones are either packed away from the move still or are in maintenance 

nearly all of my collection I’ve cleaned myself from fresh raw or partial mummification (I cleaned every single one of these from fresh raw myself except for the horses, the two pigs, the cow, the buck, and the coyote with a missing jaw) Some were found already dead (roadkill or popped up randomly dead on our doorstep), some bought or donated from taxidermists, butchers, and sheriffs.

He held it at arm’s length, through the bars, his forefinger along the spine. She reached across the barrier and took it. For an instant the tip of her forefinger touched Dr. Lecter’s. The touch crackled in his eyes. “Thank you, Clarice.” “Thank you, Dr. Lecter.” And that is how he remained in Starling’s mind. Caught in the instant when he did not mock. Standing in his white cell, arched like a dancer, his hands clasped in front of him and his head slightly to the side.
― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs (via flyawaylittlestarling)


i can’t even choose the best one


My part of an art trade with chocletychips
I’m so sorry it took so long lovely!

i love when a good outfit comes together 💖


Samira Wiley (x) and Danielle Brooks (x) on Instagram

In case you weren’t aware, these two have been best friends irl for 6 years and went to Julliard together.